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Where to Look First An Organizer for Important Estate Planning Information Your legal name: ___________________________________________ Legal name of spouse: ____________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ City/State/ZIP: _____________________________________________ Social Security number: __________________________________ Today's date: ________________________________________________ Will/Living Trust Do you have either one? � Yes � No Location of original documents: ________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Creation dates: _____________________________________________ Name of lawyer who prepared the documents: __________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ City/State/ZIP: _____________________________________________ Power of Attorney With a power of attorney, you allow someone to act on your behalf in the event that you are unable to do so yourself. For example, you could be on an extended vacation or affected by a temporary medical condition. The power of attorney allows the holder of the power to transact business, including buying, selling and gathering assets; discharging debts; and handling real estate. Do you have one? � Yes � No Location of original document: ______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Name of person given the power to act: __________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________ City/State/ZIP: _________________________________________________ Provide your family and loved ones with a one-stop guide that can help identify and locate all your important documents when it comes time to settle your affairs. Once you have completed this guide, give a copy to your executor and attorney, keep the original with your other important papers, and update it at least every two to three years. If you are married, have your spouse complete his or her own separate guide.

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