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Where to Start When Organizing Your Estate The Information You'll Need and How to Gather It CHECKLIST: Information You'll Need � Names, addresses and birth dates for you, your spouse, your children, your mother and father, and your sisters and brothers (note any adopted children) � The location of your birth certificate and, if you have one, your veteran's discharge certificate � The state of your legal residence (give your attorney all of the particulars if you have a home in another state) � The name(s) of your deceased or former spouse(s) and any documents that would help determine if he or she has remaining inheritance rights � A copy of any prenuptial or postnuptial agreement � Any physical or mental disabilities or marital problems of your beneficiaries, as well as money management concerns � A copy of any prior will or trust agreement and its location � The location of any gift tax returns � Details about your employment benefits: group life insurance, retirement, etc. � Details on annuities and life insurance policies: owner, beneficiary, policy number, etc. � A listing of real estate: location, improvements, title, value, mortgages and the location of papers � Details about business interests: estimated values, proportions owned by you and by others, and a copy of any buy-sell agreements � The nature and value of royalties and/or patents owned by you � A copy of any financial or health care power of attorney given by you � The nature of any premade funeral arrangements � Records distinguishing community property from noncommunity property, if applicable Once you have decided to create or update your estate plan, you'll need to talk with your attorney. But first, fill out and review these estate planning starters. It will save time and lead you to the options that meet the needs of your beneficiaries, protect your estate and keep potential estate taxes as low as possible.

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