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aile, the 6-year-old girl pictured above, is part of an innovative approach to improving child health in Ethiopia. Haile lives just outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital city, in a model household community with her parents and younger sister. Model homes are households that adhere to good health habits. A family must meet a list of criteria developed by UNICEF and local health workers, such as washing with soap, using separate latrines, segregating livestock from the family's living quarters, and separating the kitchen and cooking fire from the family's sleeping quarters. Once a family meets these benchmarks, they officially gain model household status and are awarded a certificate, a real point of pride for many families. Moving the Needle Haile's family represents UNICEF's efforts to promote health initiatives within Ethiopia. The country is gaining a reputation as a development leader on the African continent as it invests in health care and education. Yet in the past year, Ethiopia has seen its health systems taxed as more than 190,000 refugees have crossed into the Gambella region as they flee violence erupting in South Sudan. More than 90 percent of these refugees are women and children. UNICEF's field workers are passionately committed to helping the most at-risk children in Ethiopia. Upon arriving in the country, children receive their first doses of polio and measles vaccines to protect them and develop immunity within the refugee community. LEGACY P L A N N I N G F O R T O D A Y A N D T O M O R R O W : : W I N T E R 2 0 1 5 Modeling Health UNICEF Is Improving Health Care in Ethiopia © UNICEF/JIRO OSE H Inside: Extend Your Impact PAGE 2 Put Children First PAGE 4 Continued on Page 3 Haile, a 6-year-old Ethiopian girl, sits with Barron Segar, senior vice president of development for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and shows him how she and her family maintain good health habits in their home.

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