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yagonar* still remembers the last time she saw her mother. It was in Malakal, one of many towns in South Sudan where fighting and insecurity have become constant threats. "The fighting started in the middle of the night, and we woke up scared and ran out to find a place to hide," 10-year-old Nyagonar recalls in a trembling voice. "When I got outside with my mother, we saw my father dead on the ground. My mother kept screaming, pulling me to run and hide." After hiding in the bush for four days, Nyagonar's mother decided it was time to return home, as the gunshots seemed to have stopped. It was a false impression of safety — the quiet lasted only a few hours. "My mother came to me again as I was sleeping, saying we needed to run to the camp where they would protect us," she says. "Outside, everybody was running and screaming, and many were being killed. I didn't look back. When I reached the place and tried to find my mother, she had disappeared." A Terrifying Journey Completely alone and frightened, Nyagonar continued to look for her mother inside the United Nations base camp in Malakal. Weeks went by, and she started to lose hope. She was unable to sleep at night, fearful that violence would start again when she closed her eyes. That was when Nyagonar decided to join a group of displaced people going to Pagak. "We walked for two months with very little food and water. Many died on the way or couldn't go on," she says. "We had to cross rivers by Continued on Page 3 LEGACY P L A N N I N G F O R T O D A Y A N D T O M O R R O W : : F A L L 2 0 1 4 Nyagonar's Dream After Living a Nightmare, South Sudanese Girl Turns to UNICEF for Hope and Safety © UNICEF/NYHQ2010-1152/ASSELIN N Inside: Even 1% Can Save Children's Lives PAGE 2 Honor a Loved One Today PAGE 3 Put Children First PAGE 4 *Name changed

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