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© The Stelter Company The information in this publication is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor. Figures cited in examples are for hypothetical purposes only and are subject to change. References to estate and income taxes include federal taxes only. State income/estate taxes or state law may impact your results. OFFICE OF GIFT PLANNING 79 Upper College Road Kingston, RI 02881 USA Federal Tax ID Number: 05-6014351 Lindsey Yates-Grimley Executive Director of Gift Planning 401.874.2042 A Case Study of Benefits Linda, 75, plans to donate a maturing $25,000 certificate of deposit to URI. Because she needs continuing income, she decides to give the cash in exchange for a one-life charitable gift annuity that we will issue at the suggested rate of 6.2 percent, or $1,550 per year. Because Linda itemizes her tax deductions, she earns a federal income tax charitable deduction of $11,423* (the amount of the $25,000 donation attributable to the gift portion). With a marginal income tax bracket of 32 percent, the tax savings of $3,655 reduces the net cost of her gift to $21,345. *Based on annual payments and a 3.2 percent charitable midterm federal rate. Deductions and calculations will vary depending on your personal circumstances. We want to work with you to create a gift that best fits your circumstances and our needs. To learn more about the benefits of establishing a charitable gift annuity with the University of Rhode Island, please contact us today. Same Age Annuity Rate Different Ages Annuity Rate 60 4.1% 60/65 4.3% 65 4.5% 65/70 4.7% 70 5.0% 70/75 5.2% 75 5.5% 75/80 5.7% 80 6.2% 80/85 6.6% 85 7.3% 85/90 8.0% 90+ 9.1% 90/95+ 9.3% TWO RECIPIENTS Recipient's Age Annuity Rate 60 4.7% 65 5.1% 70 5.6% 75 6.2% 80 7.3% 85 8.3% 90+ 9.5% ONE RECIPIENT ANNUITY RATES:

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